Saga Vol. 9

Saga Vol. 9

by Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples



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Normally I try to write my reviews spoiler free, but that is not possible at the moment.ย  This really isn’t even going to be a review, its just going to disjointed exclamations of disbelief and random shouting into the wind.

Warning: Do not read any further if you have not read the Book!!

Alright, now that everyone reading this has theoretically read Saga Vol. 9, lets have a moment of silence anguished screaming for all the characters.

While I absolutely HATE cliffhangers I expect them in comics and I did not dock any stars for the cliff hangers, but OH MY GOD what happens next?!?!?! Is Marko really dead?!?! And poor Doff!! And is Squire ok?!?! And I was starting to like Sir Robot!!! What is going on?!?!

The Will used to be one of my favorite characters! And now I am really pissed at him and I don’t know if I can forgive him!!! What has he done?!?!?! How dare he? Especially after Doff sacrificed his life to free him?!?!?

AND on top of all this the writers are taking a hiatus! Who knows how long we will have to wait to figure out what happens?!?!ย  To make things worse here is what Brian K Vaughn has to say:

Iโ€™m still processing how I feel about it myself. I think itโ€™s part of the reason that we felt weโ€™re gonna need to give everyone some time to digest this. But itโ€™s a little easier for Fiona and me, in that we always knew from the beginning this is Hazelโ€™s story that weโ€™re setting out to tell. Itโ€™s difficult when Hazelโ€™s just an infant, because sheโ€™s a character with no agency and basically just a lump getting carried around, so itโ€™s very much Markoโ€™s and Alanaโ€™s story at the beginning. But we knew this point would come, where there would be an uncomfortable transition to really make it clear that this is Hazelโ€™s story and her parents are a part of the story. But like for all of us, sadly, theyโ€™re not a permanent part of that story.

But despite the hiatus and the cliffhanger and the emotional roller coaster I am still in love with this comic and still gave it 5 stars! I would highly recommend it to everyone who is old enough to be reading it! (Partly because I need people to share my misery with)


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