Halloween Book Tag (+ My Costume!)



I was tagged by the lovely Consu @ Paper Eyed Girl and I figured this was the perfect tag for today because it is Halloween!!!

To make things more interesting I decided to only use pictures from my Instagram.  So I know some of the categories are a stretch, but I didn’t have that many to choose from!

Something New:


Something Old:


A Book With An Orange Cover:


A Scary Book:


A Book With Witches:

Harry Potter2

A Book With Werewolves:

Harry Potter3

A Book With Vampires:


A Book with Your Greatest Fears:


The main character tries her hardest and everything keeps failing and everyone judges her harshly for it and that is a big fear of mine.

A Fairy Tale Gone Dark:


An Edge of Your Seat Thriller Book:


Three scary/paranormal/thrilling/magical books you’ll be reading this month!:

Today is the last day of the moth and I barely read three books at all, so instead of answering I will give you a picture of me in my costume this year!


I am not going to tag anyone because today is Halloween but I hope everyone has a great day!! And if you do decide to do this tag please link back to me so I can see your answers!!

Did you dress up this year? What was your costume? Let me know in the comments!!


  1. This was an awesome way to answer the questions, and your costume is great.
    I have hockey practise tonight but after that we are going out with the whole team as zombie hockey players

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