The Currently Reading Book Tag

The Currently Reading Book Tag

I was tagged for this by both Siobhan @ Novelties and Lisa @ Way Too Fantasy! These are two of my favorite blogs so go check them out!

How Many Books Do You Usually Read At Once?

Usually two. A print book (either physical or ebook) and an audiobook.  Though, sometimes three if I am reading a physical book and an eBook.

How Do You Decide When To Switch Between Multiple Reads?

It depends on my physical location and my mood.  Usually I listen to audiobooks in the car and read print books everywhere else.  Though if I am getting to an exciting part of an audiobook I may turn it on at the house.  If I am reading multiple print books it just depends on which one I feel like reading.

Do You Ever Switch Bookmarks Partway Through A Book?

I don’t usually use bookmarks, and if I do it is usually a scrap of paper or something nearby.  My scrap of paper does change because I tend to lose it and I’ll just grab another scrap.

Where Do You Keep the Book(s) You’re Currently Reading?

In my backpack! I don’t use a purse, so my backpack kind of doubles as a purse. I always have it with me at work or in the car, and so I always have my books with me too.

What Time of Day Do You Read the Most?

Night.  I am a night owl and its not unusual for me to read till 1 AM even on work nights.

How Long Do You Typically Read in One Session?

During the day I catch snippets of reading time, like when I am waiting for a friend or eating lunch, but at night I read for hours at a time.

Do You Read Hardbacks with the Dust Jacket Off?

No, I leave them on.

What Position Do You Mainly Use to Read?

At night, when I am at home, I read laying down on the couch, usually with one of my dogs laying on me.

Do You Take Your Current Read with You Everywhere You Go?

Yup! See “Where Do You Keep the Book(s) You’re Currently Reading?”

How Often Do You Update Your Goodreads Reading Progress?

Just when I have finished the book.  I don’t keep track of my progress as I go.

What book(s) are you currently reading?

Okay, so I added this question myself, but it seems silly to have a Currently Reading tag and not as what you are currently reading.


Weirdly enough I am reading three physical books right now and no audiobooks or ebooks.  This is unusual for me, but I’ve been in a weird mood lately.

I Tag:

As always, don’t feel obligated to participate! If you do, let me know so I can check out your answers!


  1. This is a fun tag! Like you I usually read 2-3 books at a time (physical, ebook & audiobook). I listen to audiobooks when I’m doing chores then I read physical & ebooks when I want to relax in the evenings.
    I only update GoodReads when I start the book, when I’m about halfway through then when I’m finished. I think it’s just too much to update it every single time you read the book!

    Tales of Belle

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