Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

by J.K. Rowling

Narrated by: Jim Dale



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I usually try to keep my reviews spoiler free, but practically everyone and their mother has read Harry Potter, so I am not going to bother.  If by some miracle you haven’t read the books, seen the movies, or had someone spoil the ending then I would suggest skipping my review!

You’ve been warned!

I have read the Harry Potter books a million times, but I have never listened to the Audiobooks.  Every time a new book or movie came out I re-read the series so this means I have read the 1st book at least 15 times.

But in all the times I have read it I never really picked up on the fact that everything that happens comes back into play later.  I know in books everything happens for a reason but I have never noticed it so obviously before.  I don’t know if J.K. Rowling is better at this than most or if I was just oblivious before but its amazing how everything is connected.  And not just in each individual books but in the entire series.

Here is one of the more obvious chain of events


So if Dobby hadn’t blocked the barrier then the boys would have been eaten by the spiders.  Or if they had managed to escape the spiders without the car, they would have had their memories wiped and been unable to save Ginny.

This may not seem special or profound within a single book but J.K. Rowling keeps this up throughout all 7 books!!!

Another example is the sorting hat.  It tries to put Harry into Slytherin but he doesn’t want to be put there. This comes back into play a lot in the second book when Harry starts to doubt himself and which house he is in.  But it gets resolved when Harry pulls the sword out of the sorting hat.  And I know the sword comes into play in later books!

There is a good chance that you are thinking “Duh Brittany, we all knew this already, this is how books work” but give me a break! I don’t know why, but I have never noticed it like this before and its wonderful and I can’t stop thinking about it!!

Anyway! I love all the Harry Potter books, including the Chamber of Secrets! Jim Dale does a amazing job narrating! And if you haven’t read the Harry Potter series then you need to! I don’t care if you saw all the movies.  It doesn’t count and the books are better!


Pride and Prejudice

***** (5 out of 5)

Being my favorite book I have to make my first post about it!


Pride and Prejudice is perfect.  If you don’t believe me watch The Big Bang Theory season 7 episode 4.


I first read Pride and Prejudice when I was a junior in high school.  I fell in love with it instantly.  I felt a certain connection with Elizabeth.  She was strong willed and free. She wasn’t afraid to admit when she was wrong. She stood up for what she believed in.  She fought for her family.  I could go on and on.  She was everything I wished to be.  Even now 10 years later, she is still one of my biggest role models.

Part of the magic of the book is that you fall in love with Mr. Darcy as Elizabeth falls in love with him.  At first you hate him. Then slowly without realizing it, you start to fall in love.  Elizabeth even says herself “It has been coming on so gradually, that I hardly know when it began.” It is a true masterpiece that takes the reader on a journey without them even realizing till the end.

All the characters, good and bad, are so real.  Even 204 years after it was written you can still understand and relate to the characters.  Pride and Prejudice has withstood the test of time.  Both in my life (it is my go to book whenever I need comfort) and throughout history.  It was written in 1813, and people are still reading it and loving it.  It is often required reading in high school, which means a lot of people should hate it (don’t lie, did you really like most of the books they made you read?) but people don’t.  People love it. (It has a 4.24 out of 5 right now on goodreads.)

I don’t know what else to say.  Its my favorite book. I think everyone should read it!