by Ashley Poston

***** (5 out of 5)



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This book is awesome!!!! I loved it! It is so much fun.  I love retellings of Cinderella.  I also love everything geek.  This book combines the best of both!

I highly recommend this book to everyone who thinks that YA Cinderella Nerdiness sounds awesome.

giphy (11)

Ok, I am not in the mood to write a review, especially because I have trouble writing positive reviews (negative reviews are so much easier to write haha) and I loved this book so the review would be all positive.  Instead of writing a review I decided to create bookstagram pictures. or at least try to create bookstagram pictures  Here is what I came up with:


1: Stack of Books


2: Outside


3: Stone and Wood


4: Wood (upright)


5: Wood (Flat)


6: Wicker


7: Stone


8: Stone (with hand)


9: Hair

My bookstagraming skill are still a work in progress, but I am pretty proud of how these turned out.  I ended up with a lot of different ones because I was playing around and trying to see what worked and what didn’t.  Which ones do you like best? I think I like 4 the best, but I also like 1,2,8, and 9.


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Daughter of the Pirate King

Daughter of the Pirate King

by Tricia Levenseller

***** (5 out of 5)



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Pirates are one of my favorite fantasy / kinda historical fiction genres to read. (I know “Pirates” isn’t a genre but I can’t think of the right word) Pirates are a close second behind Robin Hood, who I am slightly obsessed with.  My favorite pirates are bad-ass woman pirates!

giphy (12).gif

Robin Hood and Pirate books tend to give me really bad book hangovers, and this one is no exception.  Luckily I only have to wait till the 27th for the sequel to be released.  But I am still really craving more pirate adventures RIGHT NOW!  I think I am re-watch all the Pirates of the Caribbean movies tonight tonight.  I have been meaning to have a marathon because I haven’t seen the newest one and this just light a fire under my butt.

giphy (13)

P.S. I have no idea what the gif says but its the only one I could find of that scene

Anyway, on to the book! In case you haven’t figured it out by now, I loved it.  It was awesome! It had pirate fights and lying and stealing and murder and intrigue and mythical creatures and a bad-ass heroine and a sexy, compassionate hero and pretty much everything you need/want/crave in a pirate novel.

giphy (14)

If you are like me and even a tiny bit obsessed with pirates, then I highly recommend this book!

giphy (15)

One Con Glory Group Review Part 4/4: Conclusion

Make sure you check out the first three posts in this series:

This is the fourth and final post: Our Discussion



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It was impossible to discuss the book without spoilers, so beware!


Here is our discussion:

Brittany – First thoughts? Phil’s review is sooo much better than mine with respect to its actually being a review. Haha mine is more of a ramble. But mine has gifs so I would say we are pretty equal 😉 Phil, you mentioned that the reader may be a little lost if they aren’t into this culture. I don’t know if I agree with that. I am into the culture, but I am not into Buffy (yet) and I didn’t have any trouble following along.

Phil– I loved your review! As always your personality really shown through and yeah I totally can’t handle the creativity of gif. When I mentioned readers being lost if they aren’t into the culture it was less about the plot and more about the jokes. Most of the jokes that I found funny were deep cut references that will feel like an inside joke that you’re not a part of if you haven’t read the source material. In your review you mentioned that nothing felt rushed but the conflict with Braidbeard losing his pass really felt rushed to me. You didn’t think so?

Brittany – Aww thanks 🙂 And that makes sense! There is a very good chance that I completely missed some jokes! As for the conflict with Braidbeard, it wasn’t about him losing his pass, it was about Julie realizing and accepting him as a friend and about her stepping up to help someone. It starts all the way back at the scene where they are bidding for the Glory figure. Braidbeard jumped in without hesitation. He could tell it was important to Julie so he helped, no questions asked. They didn’t win but it was huge that he tried to help. But then, when he got in trouble and needed Julie, she didn’t want to help him. It showed how selfish she could be. It fueled her fight with Jack. The issue was never supposed to be about Braidbeard. It was about Julie and it gave us a chance to see her grow.

Phil – I agree that it was meant to be about her personal growth but it just felt too anti climatic how easily she was able to get the pass. But you’re right it does start earlier when they were bidding on the figure I actually really liked when he decided to help her out. What did you think of the hand drawn pictures of the characters they added? I kind of wish they weren’t there because I like having my own mental image o f the characters.

Brittany – Um, I had forgotten about those. Where there only 2? I don’t remember. I was reading the kindle version so they might have been different but I didn’t really look at them. I just sort of skipped over them. I had my mental images and the pictures didn’t affect them. Did you read through the extras at the end of the book? I thought they were really cool!

Phil – Yes! I really loved the Q&A part especially about women in geekdom today. Do you ever feel like because you’re a girl some people assume you’re not really Into the nerdy stuff you’re into?

Brittany – Luckily no, I haven’t run into that. I actually get it more in my sports circles than in my nerdy circles. I know “geek shaming” exists and I have seen countless examples online of men accusing girls of being “fake geeks” but have not had to deal with it myself. I would make an easy target too haha. l love geek stuff but am awful with trivia and remembering details. I would fail miserably if someone tried to quiz me. I read a ton and I remember the feelings I get reading things, not so much the things themselves. I did notice that in One Con Glory it was never really brought up as an issue. Julie was accepted. It was sort of alluded to when Kirstie wanted to be friends because they were females in a male dominated world, but that was it. Recently I read “Don’t Cosplay with My Heart” and it was a big issue in that book. Now, stop getting off topic!! Lets wrap this up. What are your final thoughts? You told me you loved the book when you finished it but then you only gave it a 3.5? A 3.5 is just “meh” to me. I still think it was a 5!

Phil – I’m a bit harsher when it comes to my scores! I loved it for what it was, a fun, quick, and easy read. I took points off for that feeling that things were rushed and it didn’t leave me thinking about it after I was done. I could recommend it to some people but not everyone.

Brittany – Makes sense! This was fun 🙂 we should do it again some time!

Phil – I totally agree it was a ton of fun! It’s great to get someone else’s perspective especially when it’s pretty different from yours!

I really enjoyed doing this! I think I need to join a book club haha.  Are you in a book club? What do you enjoy most about it?  Would you be interested in participating in a group review like this when we do it again?  Let me know!

One Con Glory Group Review Part 3/4: Phil’s Review

If you missed Part 1 (The introduction) of this group review you can check it out here.

If you missed Part 2 (My review) you can find it here.

Part 4 will be our thoughts and discussion after reading each other’s reviews!  I am hoping to get it posted in the next day or two.


Quick introduction of Phil.  He is one of my best friends and even though we live far away we talk all the time (ok we text a lot we don’t actually talk haha)  He is one of the three people I know that know about my blog.  He was a huge help when I first got started.  Mostly he was super positive, encouraging, and supportive.  Every time I publish a post I text him and he reads it right away.  It is fitting that he gets the honor of my first ever guest post!

So without further ado, here is Phil’s review:

For me personally I don’t go out of my way to read romance stories. That’s not to say I hate them! I am just very picky when it comes to finding them compelling enough to continue reading. This author Sarah Kuhn, however has done a good job in wrapping the romance in a fun story with a main character I really relate to. What grabbed me from the start was the protagonist Julie’s knowledge of all things geekdom. There are some deep cut references to shows such as battle star, Star Trek and Buffy (one of my favorite shows as a kid) as well comics especially X-men (another favorite!). So it’s important to note going into this you may be a little lost on the jokes if you aren’t into this culture.

Now on to the love story! Was it compelling enough for me? Honestly yes! Without giving away any spoilers, right from the start there is a subversion of expectations that instantly got me hooked. After that it’s a roller coaster of emotions that had me not wanting to put the book down. I do however wish this was a series to find out what happens past this one weekend at Ginormocon (basically comiccon).

One of the biggest issues I had with the book was it’s length. The book is only about 100 pages and some of the story felt rushed because of it. There is a conflict with one of the side characters towards the end of the book that could have been fleshed out more but is instead resolved in a few pages (and fairly anti-climatically). In the beginning it did also get confusing how the book mixes real word pop culture references with fake ones but this was easily remedied when I realized all the references were real except for anything related to this fictitious show/comic.

Overall I would definitely recommend this book to anyone that loves nerd culture and is in the mood for a fast, fun, and easy to digest read. The hilarious references and charming love story are definitely the highlights. Having said all that I would have to give this book a 3.5.

One Con Glory Group Review Part 2/4: Brittany’s Review

If you missed Part 1 (The introduction) of this group review you can check it out here.

Part 2 is my review and Phil’s review will be part 3!  I believe he has already written his review so I should be able to get it posted tomorrow!

One Con Glory

by Sarah Kuhn

***** (5 out of 5)



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The only issue I had with this book was that it was too short.  It was only 107 pages long and I read it in one sitting.  It only took a couple hours.

giphy-downsized-large (6).gif

This book was chalk full of references!! Some of them I didn’t get because I haven’t read or watched the source material, but they weren’t imperative to understanding what was going on.  The ones that I did get were super awesome.  One random girl at the con was named Kaylee, and when asked if it was from Firefly she excitedly replied that it was.  This was my favorite reference because my cat is named Kaylee and I got it from Firefly!


Unfortunately some of the references might have been spoilers for the source material.  There is a scene where they are talking about Buffy and the Angel vs Spike debate.  The main character, Julie, references what seems to  be a super important episode and uses it to strengthen her argument.  While doing this she talks about how the episode ends.  If I ever get around to watching Buffy then at least that one episode is spoiled.

giphy (1)

While the book was super short and I would have liked it to be longer, it wasn’t missing anything.  Nothing felt rushed, and the story felt complete.  It was a fun romance with some life lessons thrown in.  While Julie is closed off and set in her ways she still has a best friend that I want to steal! Mitch is an amazing person and I wish I had a best friend like him!

giphy (2).gif

At the end of the book there were some really cool extras.  First was the favorite Buffy episodes of each main characters.  I didn’t read these because I haven’t watched Buffy and don’t want to accidentally read any spoilers.  The next section was an Author Q&A between one of the characters and the author.  It was super clever and interesting.  (The character interviews people so it makes sense) Finally there was an “One Con Glory Playlist”  I listened to all the songs and I was super disappointed.  Some of the songs were so bad it was painful to listen to them.  The rest were just ok.  They did vaguely follow the story-line of the book which was cool.  I liked the idea, I just didn’t like the song choice.

giphy (3).gif

Overall I really really liked this book! It was a fun read and I would definitely recommend it!

The Cruel Prince

The Cruel Prince

by Holly Black

***** (5 out of 5)


Disclaimer: All Amazon Links are affiliate links. If you purchase any of these books through one of my links I will get a small commission! All the thoughts/opinions in this post are mine and in no way influenced by Amazon.

I have never been one to pay much attention to future book releases.  For starters, before blogging, the only way I knew about an upcoming release was if I was waiting for the next book in a series. But, I am also super impatient, so unless the release date was coming soon or the series was really really REALLY good, I would forget about the release date and move on to other books.

This January while blog hopping, I started to notice a ton of posts and giveaway questions revolving around the most anticipated books of 2018.  It was eye opening.  I realized that people actually pay attention to future book releases.  And not just the next book in the series, but standalones and series starters.

I noticed almost every single list I looked at contained The Cruel Prince.  There probably were other books that overlapped the lists, but The Cruel Prince kept catching my eye.  I still don’t know how a new book can be so popular before it is even released?!?! As far as I can tell its a mix of the author already being popular, good marketing, and ARCs?

Anyway, I was intrigued.  I read the synopsis and it didn’t really sound like a book I would like.  It seemed dark and depressing and I didn’t want to read another story about a girl falling in love with an a$$hole who treats her like shit.  I wrote it off as a no-go and forgot about it.  But then Owl Crate sent it out in their box.  I don’t have owl crate, but it piqued my interest again.  (Fairy Loot also included it with their box, but I didn’t know that at the time)

Finally, I was at Barnes and Noble searching for Geekerella when I spotted The Cruel Prince on the shelf.  It was not in the new releases or any of the featured tables in the main isle.  It was just on the normal shelves.  The book was turned sideways to display the cover, but there was no other fanfare.  After the huge amount of recognition it received from the blogging community, it seemed odd that Barnes and Noble didn’t try to capitalize on it.

After all the hype, it seemed like a sign, finding it among all the other books, so on a whim I bought it.  I am glad that I did.  I LOVED it!  And it feels good to be able to talk about it on blogs, because at this point almost everyone has read it.  I feel so much a part of the community of book bloggers and its been super fun to read a totally hyped up book, and its even better because I loved the book.

Alright, I know that is the longest intro ever! Sorry about that, but it just feels so cool with the whole hype and community surrounding this book!  Before I get into the actual review here are some really good Bookstagram pics that fellow bloggers have taken that are absolutely amazing and I wish I could do even half as well (Hopefully everyone is ok with me using their pictures! I made sure to credit where I found it! If you have an issue please let me know and I can remove it!)


Source: Beware of the Reader


Source: The Well-Thumbed Reader


Source: Book Dragon Lair


Source: Confessions of a YA Reader


Source: Bookidote


Source: The Wanderlust Reader


Source: Thrice Read


Source: Lair of Books


Source: The World of Celia McMahon


Source: All Booked


Source: Mousai Books

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

Source: Duo Penotti

Prince 13

Source: Verb Vixen

Alright, this is turning out to be a waaaay longer post than I intended so I will make my actual review short and sweet! maybe

I LOVED this book!

It was dark and twisted but yet it was artful and tasteful at the same time.  I hate books where girls fawn over the super hot abusive man and overlook his meanness because they love him so much.  Or worse they pretend his meanness is normal or not important.  I thought this was going to be one of those books, but it wasn’t.  The needless violence doesn’t sit well with Jude and she calls it out when she can.

Jude isn’t perfectly good.  You fall in love with her, and she is such a strong character, but there is evil in her.  With how she is raised you can’t blame her, and you love her more for it.  She fights for what she believes in, even if she has to stoop to the levels of her adversaries.

All of the characters are so detailed (except for oak, I wish we learned more about him)  The relationships between the sisters are so realistic.  They fight and hate and love each other so passionately.  They might not always agree but they will help each other when it really matters.

I could go on and on and on about how amazing I thought this book was, but I promised to try and keep my review short! I would definitely recommend this book!!

Have you read it? If so did you like it?  If not, do you want to read it?



Don’t Cosplay with My Heart

Don’t Cosplay with My Heart

by Cecil Castellucci

*** (3 out of 5)


Disclaimer: All Amazon Links are affiliate links. If you purchase any of these books through one of my links I will get a small commission! All the thoughts/opinions in this post are mine and in no way influenced by Amazon.

Lets start with the positives.  I LOVE the cover.  It is even better in real life than in the pictures online.  It makes me want to die my hair that color pink! And I don’t even like pink that much! (Plus I am getting married soonish and don’t want pink hair)  I love the purple mask.  Its just such a great color scheme!  The only issue is that in the book she dies her hair purple not pink, but I can let that slide because that would be too much purple on the cover.

giphy (51)

One of the main themes of this book is “There are no fake geek girls”  I LOVE this theme! The main character Edan (which is a super cool name) struggles with some of her “friends” not considering her a real nerd.  They are constantly quizzing her, and even though she gets all the answers right they still accuse her of only being a geek to attract guys.  She tries and fails to get them to understand that if you are passionate about something nerdy that makes you a nerd.  You don’t need to know every single little detail and you don’t need to prove yourself.

giphy (52).gif

I enjoyed the overall nerdiness of this book.  Its fun to read stories about nerds and, for me, they are usually easier to relate too.  This book is a very easy read and a fairly cute story.  I like the premise of everything but there are some major issues.

First is that she is dating a total douche bag and noone seems to realize it but the reader.  She has problems with him and admits them and then writes them off.  Then she seems surprised when she is forced to face the truth.  Its one thing if she were in denial, or naive, but its pretty much just ignored.  She has all these strong opinions but she just doesn’t notice that her boyfriend goes against everything she believes in.  It just doesn’t feel realistic.

giphy (53)

Other things are just missing from the story.  It skips from Edan and Yuri’s first “date” where they don’t do anything to them suddenly being in a committed relationship.  Its not just that the timeline is sped up, which happens a lot in books, its that the story skips the first kiss, and everything else you would need to know their relationship had progressed.  And the thing with Edan’s dad isn’t explained very well.  I don’t know what “sequestered” means and they don’t explain it.  I had thought he was in jail but later you learn that that isn’t quite it.

giphy (54).gif

Edan is also very self centered and never comes to any sort of realization about it.  There is one line where she realizes she hasn’t been their for her friend, but no growth comes out of it.   Her best friend’s dad lost all their money because of Edan’s dad and Edan is only worried that her friend will hate her.  Her other friend’s mom is dying of cancer and all she cares about is that she needs him to help her make sense of her life.  She doesn’t do much to help him.  She really should have learned throughout the book to be less selfish.

giphy (55)

Finally the ending is unfulfilling.  Suddenly everything is alright but nothing is resolved.  Best friends should hash it out and then forgive each other.  They don’t just randomly decide everything is all right.  Plus you never find out what happens with the club or with any of the parents.  There needed to be more.

giphy (56).gif

Overall it wasn’t a bad book.  It is most likely geared toward the younger YA audience.  That could explain why it didn’t go more in depth into things?  If you are looking for a cute easy read with a nerdy basis then this is a good book.  If you are looking for a in depth coming of age story, this probably isn’t for you.