June Owlcrate Unboxing

June 2018: Summer Lovin’


This month’s theme is Summer Lovin’ and I am lovin’ it 😀


  1. Beach Towel designed by Stella Bookish Art
  2. Mason Jar Mug designed by Michelle Gray
  3. Summer Apple and Peach Tea from Riddle’s Tea Shoppe
  4. Wooden Bookmark from Ink and Wonder Designs
  5. Cactus Pen from BC Mini
  6. From Twinkle, With Love by Sandhya Menon
  7. Exclusive keychain

I love the design on the beach towel and I love the mug! I have been using it at work but haven’t gotten a good pic of it in use yet!

Do you subscribe to any book boxes? Which one? Do you love it? What was your favorite item of this month’s Owl Crate box?

OwlCrate May Unboxing – Fight Like a Girl

Fight Like a Girl


As much as I loved the idea of “Fight like a Girl” I was a little worried that it would be full of pink girly stuff.  I shouldn’t have worried because this month’s box was AWESOME! (and there was no pink!)


We got two books this month!!! Catching Stars by Cayla Keenan and Sky in the Deep by Adrienne Young.


The cover of Sky in the Deep is an OwlCrate exclusive! And it is signed! (and of course I forgot to take a picture of the signature!)


I like the OwlCrate version better because I like Silver better than Gold!

This month there were 3 pins:


The book pin is hard to read in the picture but it says “When in doubt go to the library” and it is my favorite item in the box!!

Next was a double sided bookmark:


I love the quotes but they are kind of hard to read on the busy background.

There was a bath bomb:


And a really cool wall hanging:


Finally there was an art print, the spoiler card, and a booklet with extra information:


Here is the other side of the spoiler card with all the information about all the items:


Do you subscribe to any subscription boxes? Which ones? What was your favorite item this month? Let me know in the comments!!

OwlCrate and Lit Cube April Reveal

This is my last Lit Cube reveal and my first OwlCrate reveal!  I thought last month was my last Lit Cube, but apparently I didn’t cancel it in time, so I got one more.

Let’s save the best for last and start with Lit Cube:

Lit Cube Reveal:


Lit Cube lowered the price of their subscriptions by $10, making it $25 a month.  They also started shipping items in a bubble mailer instead of a box and the quality and quantity of their items dropped significantly.

April’s theme was “Passport to California” and these were the items included, and their retail value:

  • Ana of California – $16
  • Anne of Green Gables inspired bookmark – $5
  • See’s Candy Lollipop – $1
  • Route 66 Enamel Pin – $10
  • California Decal – $4

I know the retail value of these items totals $36 but I wouldn’t have paid anywhere close to that for them.  The bookmark is just a laminated piece of paper with a huge yarn tassel.  We made these in 5th grade for a class project.  Literally a 5th grader can make them. (no offence to whoever did make it, its just not worth $5 in my opinion)

Overall I am incredibly disappointed in this box and it just re-enforced the fact that I am glad I canceled my subscription.

OwlCrate Reveal


Ahhh I love the box! And it gives you instructions on how to unbox it! #owlcrate


The Theme was Shadows & Secrets and this is what it contained:


Wild Berry Soap from Three Sisters Apothecary. (for the life of me I have never been able to correctly pronounce “Apothecary”)


“The Young Elites” sticker designed by Jamila Mehio.


“Harry Potter” Pencils from Jubilee Designs.


Dark Chocolate and Sea Salt Coffee from Bones Coffee Company.


Signed OwlCrate Exclusive Edition of “Ace of Shades” by Amanda Foody.


Letter from Amanda Foody.


The first three chapters of “Legendary” by Stephanie Garber.


“Ace of Shades” postcard set.


“Crooked Kingdom” inspired pillowcase by Stella Bookish Art.


OwlCrate monthly theme pin.

Here is the official description of everything in case you were wondering:


I LOVE this box!!! Especially the pillowcase! I haven’t even read Crooked Kingdom yet but I love the quote and the design!

I am so glad I decided to switch subscriptions!!! (And thanks Phil for helping convince me to do it!)

I can’t wait for next month!! The theme is Fight Like a Girl and I could not be more excited!!!!


Seriously!! This theme sounds AWESOME and I can’t wait!!

Do you subscribe to any book boxes? Did you get anything cool this month? Let me know in the comments!