Reading Stats

Guys! Guuuuuysss! Guess what I just found?!?!?! You can export your books from Goodreads into an excel file!!!!

I know that might not seem super exciting , but it means that I can easily use excel to come up with reading stats!!!!

I know, I’m a nerd, deal with it!

Basic Stats:

  • Books Read: 475
  • Pages Read: 137,331

I only started tracking books in Goodreads in late 2016.  I went back and added as many books as I could, but I am sure I am missing a lot.  Obviously these are only stats on the books I have entered into Goodreads.

Stats Based on Dates:


DatePubHow many books that I read that were published in each century



How many books I read every year.  Note – I didn’t start keeping track until late 2016 so most books I don’t know when I read them.


Stats based on Publisher



How many books I have read that were published by each company.


Stats based on Ratings



Of the books I rated on goodreads, what rating I gave them.


Avg Rating

The Average goodread ratings of the books I have read.


Stats Based on Titles



The words that appear most in the titles of the books I have read.  I didn’t count small words like “The” or “a”


Stats Based on Series



How many books I have read that were part of a series vs stand alone.



Of the books that are in a series, how many were the first book in the series, or the second book in the series, etc.


That was fun! I love numbers ❤ Haha I was a math major after all.  Do you keep stats of the books you have read? What are your numbers like?


Why my niece spent 7 hours in the hospital and what YOU can do to keep this from happening to other babies!

My Niece is 11 months old, and she is amazing. I love her so much and spoil her as often as I can!


I would do anything for her! But yesterday she spent 7 hours in the hospital and there was nothing I could do.  She is fine, and it was just a scare, but it could have been easily prevented.

Last night, while they were out running errands, my niece found a pill on the ground, and like babies tend to do, she put it in her mouth.  My sister was fast and got it out before she swallowed it, but it was in her mouth long enough that all markings had dissolved.  My sister called Poison Control to see if they could identify the pill, and they told her she needed to take my niece to the hospital immediately.

Neither Poison Control nor Children’s hospital could identify the pill.  They thought it was probably Tylenol, but they weren’t sure.  There was a chance it was Blood Pressure, Diabetes, or Heart medication.  If it was any of those, then even the tiniest amount could have huge effects on a small child.  Poison Control told the hospital they needed to keep my niece under observation for 6 hours.

When all was said and done my sister, my brother-in-law, and my niece spent over 7 hours at the hospital.  My niece missed a nap and was super cranky, but otherwise healthy and unaffected.  My sister was exhausted and upset by the whole ordeal but thankful her little baby was okay.

I am glad my niece is okay and I am glad that my sister took her to the hospital and I am glad that they took all the necessary precautions and observed her for 6 hours.  But I am also pissed.  My Sister doesn’t really have the money to pay for hospital visit and my brother-in-law had to leave work (he works on commission) to go to the hospital with them.

This could have been prevented if the person who dropped the pill took 5 seconds to pick it up and throw it away!! I am going to give them the benefit of the doubt, they probably thought it was harmless.  Would you think twice if you dropped some Tylenol on the ground?  I would hope that if someone with Blood Pressure, Diabetes, or Heart medication drops a pill they would take the time to pick it up.  They are probably warned how dangerous they can be.  But it doesn’t matter what type of pill it is! Please pick it up!

If you drop any kind of pill please pick it up! Especially when in a public place! There may be babies or dogs that find it!!  Even if it is Aspirin or Tylenol, it could be poisonous to babies and dogs!  And the parent / owner has no way of knowing what it is their baby just ingested!!

Thank you!


Throwback Thursday – Frankenstein’s Comic Book Swap


March 10th 2018, I flew out to Oregon with my dad to join my Uncle for the Frankenstein Comic Swap!


For those of you that don’t know, my Dad and Uncle make a living selling comic books on Ebay.  My Uncle lives in Oregon and my Dad lives here in Colorado.  Every other month my Dad flies out there or my Uncle flies out here. (they alternate) I join them when I can, especially when there is a Con or Swap involved!!

Frankenstein’s Comic Book Swap is a tri-monthly swap meet (which means once every three months not three times a month – I was confused at first) where local dealers rent tables and sell their comics and comic related stuff.

Swaps are smaller than actual Comic Cons, and usually geared more toward selling actual comics, and less toward pop culture.  Swaps also don’t have the panels or big side events that most Cons have.

Here are some pics of the swap so you can get an idea of what it is about:

My Dad and My Uncle bought a LOT of comics.  There almost wasn’t room for me in the car on the way home!


I also got a lot of cool stuff for myself!!! Here is my Haul:


My favorites are the Funko Pops!! Especially Lying Cat! He Glows in the Dark!!

Three Graphic Novels (That I still haven’t read)


A Comic Record which doesn’t work, but I thought looked really cool, and it was only $1 (I don’t own a record player anyway)


A really cool Batman Art Print


I got a free box of Free Comic Book Day comics that some guy didn’t want.  I kept my favorite one and a signed print I found in the box as well.  I sold the rest on Ebay and made $20.

Anansi Boys by Neil Gaiman (which I will probably never read)


My favorite booth was “owned” by a 6 year old girl named Fern (she didn’t actually own the booth she just had a corner of her dad’s table.)  She was selling hand drawn comic strips and some of her old reader comics.  I bought a couple of each from her because she was adorable!

Overall it was a really great weekend! I got some really cool stuff! Unfortunately most of it is still in Oregon, at my Uncle’s house.  We flew Frontier and didn’t check a bag, so I could only carry what I could fit in my backpack.  The only things I brought home were the graphic novels and comics.  My dad was supposed to bring everything back when he went out there in April but he forgot. But my Uncle is coming out later this month so I will get it eventually!

If you are interested in Frankenstein’s Comic Book Swap, check out their website, twitter, or Instagram!  The next one is June 9th!

Have you ever been to a Comic Con or a Comic Swap? Do you want to go to one? Tell me about it in the comments!!  Do you have any cool comics or comic related items?

P.S. I don’t know if this actually counts as a Throwback Thursday post.  It is really just a post I should have done two months ago but I got lazy.  I threw the title on there so it didn’t seem so late! Did it work?

Blackout Poetry

Warning: I am not an artist and I am not a poet!

But I like doing artsy things and I love books! I have been seeing tons of blackout poetry examples on Pinterest and they look really cool! So I decided to give it a try!


I am pretty proud of the results!!! Here are the close ups:

This is my overall favorite!



This was the first one I tried:





This one is my favorite poem


This one was a close second for my favorite!


The book I took the pages from was about war, so that is why a lot of my poems ended up being darker.  The words I had to choose from weren’t particularly happy.

What do you think of my Blackout Poetry? Which is your favorite? Have you tried it before?

Why I don’t blog on weekends

I realize that my title may make it sound like this will be a deep profound post about why you shouldn’t blog on weekends, but don’t worry, its not.

Reason 1: I’m too busy

Shocker! Most weekends I am rarely home so I just don’t have time

busy cat GIF-downsized_large.gif

Reason 2: I am on a computer all day during the week

I’m a business analyst so I work at a computer ALL day.  When I get home from work and on the weekends I don’t usually feel like spending more time on the computer

busy jim carrey GIF-downsized_large (1).gif

Reason 3: I am lazy

Most of time I just don’t feel like putting in the work.

king of the hill eating GIF-downsized_large.gif

Reason 4: I don’t like blogging on my phone

I am addicted to my phone.  I am on it ALL the time.  If blogging on my phone was easy I would probably do it more, but I don’t like typing on my phone and for some reason the wordpress app always times out trying to upload pics and gifs.

phone foot GIF by AFV Babies-downsized_large.gif

As you may or may not have noticed, today is Saturday. But I just said I don’t blog on weekends?!?! Am I a liar? No! That is the beauty of scheduling posts.  I can make it look like I blog on weekends without actually logging onto my computer!

morgan freeman laughing GIF-downsized_large.gif

So why am I going through all the trouble to tell you I don’t blog on weekends? Because I know how much you care! Because part of not blogging on weekends is not responding to comments, not blog hopping, and not checking e-mails.

idiot facepalm GIF-downsized_large.gif

I am usually really good about responding to e-mails and comments during the week.  If you comment during working hours I will usually respond immediately or within an hour or so.  If you comment at night I will usually respond first thing in the morning.  But if you comment one the weekend I probably won’t respond till Monday.

cardi b it makes sense GIF by Genius-downsized_large.gif

Thats it! I just wanted to let you know 😀 Thanks for reading my mostly pointless post! If you leave a comment I will respond on Monday! Have a great weekend!

Most Popular Books I Have Read

Destiny @ Howling Libraries recently posted about the most popular books on her TBR (she got the idea from Adriana @ Perpetual Pages) and I really enjoyed reading it! I really wanted to do it myself, but I didn’t like the list of TBR books that my goodreads brought up, so I changed it to books I have already read.

If you want to play along, just go to one of your goodreads lists and add the column “num ratings” (number of ratings) and then sort on that column.  Its easy!

Disclaimer: All Amazon Links are affiliate links. If you purchase any of these books through one of my links I will get a small commission! All the thoughts/opinions in this post are mine and in no way influenced by Amazon.

Here are the 10 most popular books, by number of ratings, that I have read:


1. The Hunger Games — Suzanne Collins
 5,268,151 ratings — 4.34 average
It surprises me that this is higher than Harry Potter.

2. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone — J.K. Rowling
5,239,099 ratings — 4.45 average
It does not surprise me that this is in the top 5 and I am glad to see its average rating is higher than The Hunger Games!

3. Twilight — Stephenie Meyer
4,118,573 ratings — 3.58 average
Its “cool” to hate on Twilight so it makes sense there are so many ratings and that it has the lowest average on the list.

4. To Kill a Mockingbird — Harper Lee
3,531,642 ratings — 4.26 average
I’m surprised that To Kill a Mockingbird is the most rated classic, that I have read.  I am also surprised that the first classic on this list is in 4th.

5. The Great Gatsby — F. Scott Fitzgerald
2,989,306 ratings — 3.90 average
I didn’t particularly like this book.


6. The Fault in Our Stars — John Green
2,703,370 ratings — 4.25 average
I read this book because my sister, who doesn’t read all that much, suggested it.  It was good, but it was sad.

7. Divergent — Veronica Roth
2,372,064 ratings — 4.23 average
This is a very popular book so I’m not surprised to see it.

8. Pride and Prejudice — Jane Austen
2,331,610 ratings — 4.25 average
Whew, I was starting to be worried that this wouldn’t make the list! I am sad its so low, but not particularly surprised.

9. The Hobbit — J.R.R. Tolkien
2,320,971 ratings — 4.25 average
Lord of the Rings is 19th on this list.  I guess a lot of people read the Hobbit then lose interest and don’t read LOTR?

10. The Catcher in the Rye — J.D. Salinger
2,245,234 ratings — 3.80 average
Again I am surprised by the classics that made this list.  I would be curious to see the list of most rated books across all books and not just the ones I have read.

most pop

(Just because Destiny did a chart and I don’t want to be outdone 😉 and because I love charts too!)

Thanks Destiny for bringing this idea to my attention! And thanks to Adriana for doing it first! I had a lot of fun with this post! Plus it was super interesting!

What books are the most popular on your TBR or that you have read? Have you read any of the books on my list? Do you agree with their ratings? Do you like lists and charts too?