Bookish Academy Awards

I was tagged by Ivy @ Ivy’s Well Used Library Card.  Thanks for the tag! Go check out her blog! It is awesome 😀

I usually stay away from tags that make me think of different books because I am awful at remembering everything I have read, but since I was tagged I am going to give it a try! I am exited to try, but I just want to warn you that my answers will probably be from books I have read recently or that are fresh in my mind for whatever reason!

Disclaimer: All Amazon Links are affiliate links. If you purchase any of these books through one of my links I will get a small commission! All the thoughts/opinions in this post are mine and in no way influenced by Amazon.

Best Actor (Best male protagonist)

Nate from “Heroine Complex” I love him!


Best Actress: (Best female protagonist)

I can’t help it! It has to be Elizabeth from “Pride and Prejudice


Best Cinematography: (Best plot twist)

Godsgrave” for sure! It was all over the place, I couldn’t predict anything!


Best Costume Design: (Best book cover)

The Cruel Prince” has a pretty awesome cover!


Best Supporting Actress and Actor: (Best Male and Female Sidekick)

This one is super tough but I think I have to choose “The Fire’s Stone” Its a little bit of a cop out but the three main characters are kind of each other’s sidekicks!

fire stone

Best Original Screenplay: (Most Unique Plot/World)

This probably isn’t super unique, but it was the book that started me in fantasy, so it was unique to me. “Harry Potter


Best Adapted Screenplay: (Best book-to-movie adaptation)

I have to copy this from Ivy! “The Princess Bride


Best Animated Feature: (A book that would work well in animated format)

Daughter of the Pirate King” would make a great animated movie!


Best Director: (A writer you discovered for the first time)

I really liked “Geekerella” by Ashley Poston and recently discovered she also wrote “Heart of Iron” which I heard is really good.

Geek Heart

Best Short Film: (Best Novella or Short-Book)

I don’t read a lot of novellas, but recently I read and loved “Once Con Glory


Best Picture: (Best Stand-Alone)

Oooh there are a lot of ones I can choose for this! I am going to go with “Uprooted“!


Best Documentary: (Best historical fiction)

I used to read a ton of Historical Fiction, but I don’t anymore.  In High School “Girl in Blue” was one of my favorites.


Thats it! Some were way harder to answer than others, but I like the answers I came up with!  Who would you choose for each one?

I am not going to tag anyone, but if you participate please let me know so I can see your answers!

My Most Anticipated Book of 2018!

Guys! GUYS!!! GUUUUYYYYSSSS!!!!!!!!!

The Cover has been revealed for Heroine’s Journey!!!!


Its so beautiful!!!!

Here are all three covers together:

I just can’t even..

The release date is July 3rd and I pre-ordered it from Amazon!

In case you couldn’t tell, I am SUPER excited about this book!

Heroine Complex is one of my favorite books!!! Its amazing!

I didn’t really like the plot of Heroine Worship, but that hasn’t dampened my excitement for Heroine’s Journey!!!

Plus I found out there will be 3 more books!!!! Check out this article from SyFy! Its got all that info plus so much more!

I learned that the dog on the cover is based off a real dog! I may have stalked Sarah Kuhn a bit, (check out her website and twitter) and I found a pic of the dog:

The cover art looks just like the real dog! And he is adorable!

I will be re-reading Heroine Complex and Heroine Worship before July so keep an eye out for my reviews!! (no pun-intended)

I can’t wait! July seems so close yet so far away!