Trash My TBR (Help Me!)

I saw this meme over at Bursting with books and I love the idea!  Basically I list the 50 oldest books on my TBR and you tell which ones you didn’t like and why.  (but please no spoilers!!) You can also tell me why you loved a book, but its already on my TBR so I obviously thought it looked good!

Oldest 50

So what do you think? Are there any of these that I shouldn’t read? Let me know!!

39 thoughts on “Trash My TBR (Help Me!)

  1. I’ve only read a few of these and I enjoyed most of them. I love The Raven Boys and Hunted, they’re both amazing, atmospheric reads in very different ways. I didn’t get along with Red Sister very well, but I think that’s a me thing, cause it seems to be universally beloved.

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  2. Throne of Glass, and Falling Kingdoms are both amazing series! The Raven Boys is actually next on my TBR to read, I’ve heard amazing things about it, and I’m reading it for a book challenge this month!

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    1. Thanks! I have heard a couple other people who didn’t like it either! The main reason I haven’t started it was because I didn’t really want to start another super long series that wasn’t completely released yet! Tho I guess the last book just came out so there goes half my excuse 😂😂

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  3. I am reading Written in Red right now and so far it’s very, VERY boring.
    I also didn’t like The Raven Boys. It has beautiful writing and the premise is interesting, but it failed to captivate me. I also couldn’t connect with any of the characters and the plot didn’t get interesting until the last couple of pages.

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    1. Hmm I think you are the first person who I’ve interacted with that hasn’t read the book! Good to know everyone doesn’t like it! That sucks that Written in red is boring! The synopsis makes it sound super cool!


  4. I’m going to start with a book I hated to get it out of the way… Hinder! Hinder was all about sex. There is very little actual magic. I hated it.

    I LOVE Written in Red and actually the entire series… I’ve read even the spinoff #6! It is more for adult readers. It’s an urban fantasy that leans more toward magical realism in feel than a paranormal romance. I really enjoyed the Falcolner too. I haven’t read on in the series yet but it was fun steampunk fae! ♥️♥️

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    1. That is good to know about Hinder! Its supposed to be about a 17 year old!!! Its not supposed to be about sex!! If I want a book about sex I will pick up a romance novel haha 😀 Thanks!

      You are the third person to recommend The Falconer so I will be bumping that one up! And I’m glad you liked Written in Red. It sounds really cool! But one other person said it was super boring so I was debating on keeping it, but now I will keep it for sure!


  5. Well of the ones I’ve read I’ve liked them all! The Raven Boys was great and I’ve seen a couple of people recently mention the Falconer- really liked the first book but still haven’t read the rest! Either way you’ve got some great picks 🙂

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  6. Ooh this is fun. 🙂 And I haven’t read ANY of these *ack* But I’ve been told that Dannika Dark’s stuff is good, and I’m thinking of trying her Crossbreed series. And I do want to read Red Sister!

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  7. I was a HUGE Meg Cabot (and Sarah Dessen) fan when I was in high school. There was something about All-American Girl I just loved. I am pretty sure I read it like 4 times back then. I might even have a copy somewhere at my parents house, all cracked and worn.

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  8. This is a brilliant way to help cull your TBR! I love it.

    Okay, I am the person who doesn’t like Throne of Glass. I found Maas’s protagonist far too perfect, elitist, self-centered, and unlikable. Don’t get me wrong, I have read many books where I don’t like any of the characters and it’s still fine. But everything felt perfect. She had nowhere to grow. And everything which happened was just the *right* thing to happen — it was irritating. And predictable. I did read the prequel short stories because I wanted to see if this was a young-author concern (this was one of Maas’s first novels) — nope. I still hate the protagonist. And the writing. And I’m so over it. Pass.

    Favorites on this list: The Raven Boys and The Falconer. You know. Just to nudge them up the list. 😉

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    1. Haha I have been hesitant to read Throne of Glass because it is 7 books!! so I am going to keep it on my list but I doubt I will ever actually pick it up 😂 I believe you are the 5th person to recommend The Falconer so I really should read that one!

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      1. Well, the final Thone of Glass book just came out at a whopping 992 pages. XD So, this will be a fairly big commitment to read them all if you decided to jump in. Sooooo many words.

        !! I’m glad that I’m not the only person recommending The Falconer! It’s a super fun series. I hope you enjoy it!

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  9. I’m no help in trashing, but I can say that I read and liked the Throne of Glass series and the Raven Boys series, so I hope you’ll still give them a chance! Written in Red and Ruined are still on my TBR too and have been for AAGES but I hear so many good things about them…

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    1. If I actually get around to reading any of the books on my TBR it will probably be The Raven Boys Series 😀 I really want to read the Throne of Glass series but I don’t want to make that big of a time commitment 😂 Thanks!!


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